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Embrace The Power Within

Volume 2

Battle Of The Empire

†††††††††††† Earthís technology was taking over.† We needed to find a new place to† start again, without all the ongoing technological advances that plagued our former world.† We called this new place Chrystalina.


†††††††††† Just after we settled on the planet a small portion of our group decided that they could not live with the little technology that we had agreed to use.† Eventually they left to find another place to settle.† They called it Jerico.


†††††††††† Fearing that mankindís natural instinct to create and upgrade tools would take over Jerico as it had Earth, we took what little technology we had and built a hidden and protected security system.† In a vote I, Chrystal Bradford, the leaders of the colonization team,† was to be the model for a computer generated person who would help the future inhabitants in the event they would need this system.


†††††††††† Before we left Earth, my grandmother gave me one half of an Emerald Amulet which† became a source of great power and began a legacy and a responsibility† to protect our new world from any conflict that† should threaten it.


Four centuries later, long after the last of my generation died, eight children received the Amulet and itís powers.† It had been foretold that they would be sent on a dangerous quest, the purpose being to defend our planet against the return of the now vast Jerico Empire.


†††††††††† This event uncovered many secrets long left untold.† The children found the security system, and with cooperation and my help also found the missing half of the Amulet which was owned by the twin teenaged heirs of the Jerico Empire.† This discovery and consequent meeting of the Chrystalinian and Jerico children, resulted in an understanding of peaceful existence between our two planets and the unspoken alliance between the new and old...


Children Of The Amulet