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Embrace The Power Within

Volume 3

Hope And Victory

It started when it was foretold that eight children would become the protectors of the planet Chrystalina and the guardians of the special powers of the Amulet. What was not revealed was that the Amulet was not whole and that fact alone would have a great affect on the future. As it had also been foretold the planet Jerico came to invade and conquer Chrystalina. With the invasion two other children, who had just become the guardians of the Amulet and its powers, were revealed and those two newcomers were to become the rulers of the powerful Jerico Empire. The guardianship of the Amulet created a bond between the ten guardians and an unspoken alliance between the two planets.

As a result of this alliance the children of Jerico stopped the attack and called a retreat, intending to leave Chrystalina in peace. Peace was not lasting, however. A rebellion against the children of Jerico, now the Emperor and Empress, was declared. The two children called desperately to the children of Chrystalina for help. Together the ten children fought to defeat the rebellion but it was too strong and eventually they concluded that for the moment staying on Jerico would be fatal. But the rebellion no longer wanted to chase the young rulers away, they wanted them out of the way for good.


After a near fatal escape, the arrival of a couple of additions to this small family of guardians and several twists of fate not only turned the tables on the Rebellion but created an even stronger bond among the protectors of the two worlds. The Rebellion was sent on the run. But is having the enemy in hiding any less dangerous to the...



Children Of The Amulet