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Embrace The Power Within

Volume 4

The Final Scene

In the beginning the Amulet was a legendary symbol of power to the Imperial world of Jerico, and a symbol of hope to the peaceful planet of Chrystalina. Eventually it came to be known as a symbol of both power and hope to the two very different worlds, who had been at war with each other in the beginning. Now the two planets are allies and the holders and guardians of the Amulet, from both planets have formed a group sworn to fight against the rebellion that threatens the welfare of both home worlds.


It has been twelve years since the guardians of the Amulet were brought together and the war against them and their home planets began. The fight has been long and filled with emotional repercussions. There have been many beginnings and endings, false hopes as well as unexpected triumphs.


The fight has sent the old leader of the Rebellion into hiding and the new twin leaders have been conquered, but the war against the Rebellion is not yet won. The old leader has yet to be defeated. He has returned now he and his new second in command is not setting out to target the older guardians of the Amulet.

There is a new generation of guardians, six young children who, the rebellion has targeted in the hopes of turning them against their elders and to work for the Rebellion, thus reinforcing the strength of the Rebellion's resources.

If the Rebellion succeeds the war will take a new turn and the leader will get his final revenge against the ...



Children of the Amulet