Welcome To The Amulet Universe

Embrace The Power Within

Volume 2

Battle Of The Empire

           Commander Jerold Jaimson stood in the door way of a dark and lonely underground room. By the light of the hallway behind him he scanned the room. He smiled wickedly as his eyes reached the huddled figure in the corner.

           "Comfortable my dear?" he asked stepping further into the room so that the door could close. "Computer, Lights!" he commanded.

           The room was immediately flooded with light.

           "I have news you will defiantly want to hear." Commander Jaimson said to the young fair-haired girl who sat in the corner of the room.

           The girl looked up at him. Her blue eyes glinting with the traces of tears.

           "Scared?" The Commander asked her.

           Stubbornly the girl shook her head and looked away.

           "No? Well no matter, I have news about your brother," he continued.

           The girl looked up.

           "I thought that might get your attention." he laughed "It seems your brother has given up. He's left the planet, doesn't seem to even care about you."

           "Your wrong Commander." The girl said "He would never give up."

           "Oh really?" The Commander said "Well, then where is he? What was so important that he left the planet where his own twin sister is in grave danger?"

           The girl looked away again.

           "Are you scared now?" The Commander asked.

           The girl didn't move.

           "Good." The Commander said pleased "You should be." He said bending down and forcing her to look up. "You and your brother made a very big mistake double crossing me. Let's hope he realizes that before it's too late."

           The girl pulled away from him and glared, then once again looked at the floor.

           "That's right my dear, control your temper." He said as he walked to the door. "Accidents are less likely to happen to good girls."

           The girl sighed as the door shut behind him and the buzz of the force field sounded outside once again. She had all the powers she needed at her disposal but all of them were useless while she was behind that force field. To make matters worse her brother was off on some unknown quest while she was stuck in this damp and smelly prison. She knew it had to be important for him to leave like this but while he was gone she was vulnerable to fear, doubt and despair. Three feelings that Commander Jaimson was counting on.

           She was powerless with out her brother and for that matter so was the Empire...

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