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Embrace The Power Within

Volume 1

Fight For Chrystalina

             A young Ensign leapt to attention from his post, at the communications center, two older officers approached.

             "Status report." the younger of the two men commanded.

             "The other two ships are in position and awaiting orders, Sir."

             "Very good." the second man said. "Does the planet know we're here?" he asked the ensign.

             "No sir. They don't have the capabilities to scan for us." the Ensign replied.

             "Do you know much about the planet, Ensign...." the second man asked, pausing to let the ensign identify himself.

             "Drewson, sir. Yes sir, this is a proud day for us all sir." The Ensign replied.

             "It is indeed, Ensign Drewson." the man replied. "I commend you on this crew, Captain Brinerson. You should be proud."

             "Thank you, Admiral Jaimson." the Captain said.

             "Tell the ships to beam all the troops down and stand by." the Admiral told Ensign Drewson.

             "Yes sir." Drewson replied and turned back to communications to relay the message.

             "Keep up the good work, Ensign." Jaimson said then turned to the Captain. "Carry on, Captain. I'll be in my quarters. Alert me when the troops are in position."

             Captain Brinerson nodded and Admiral Jaimson left the bridge.

* * * * * *

             "I wonder. Do you think Jerico is ever going to come?" Jeremy asked.

             "Are you worried you won't be able to help save our planet?" Luke asked.

             "No I mean it. The year started out quiet enough. I wonder if Old Mrs. Bradford made a mistake." Jeremy said.

             "I don't think so, Jem." Mary said. "Great Grandma Bradford was pretty accurate in all the other predictions."

             "It has only been two days. Besides, I've had this strange feeling that something is going to happen soon." Luke said.

* * * * * *

             "All the troops are in position, Admiral." Captain Brinerson said over the intercom.

             "Good." Admiral Jaimson answered. "Now listen carefully to the next step...."

 * * * * * *

             "I guess it's just wishful thinking." Jeremy said, getting up. "I'll be right back. I promised mom I'd keep an eye on Jay. He and Mandy just disappeared into that bunch of trees. I'd better go check it out."

 * * * * * *

             ".....They are to gather all the people on the planet. Inform all those in homes that they are to stay there. Others are to be gathered till such time as we have the means to return them to their residences. Use only means that will have the least resistance provided those means are not harmful. No one is to be harmed. The Governor insists on this point."

             "May I ask what the Governor has in store for the planet?" the Captain asked.

             "This is between you and me, Captain. Somewhere Chrystalina holds a very powerful secret. Someone down there knows what the secret is and where it lies. No one is to be harmed till the secret is discovered. Is that clear?" Jaimson finished.

             "Yes sir. Orders and all sir." Brinerson said.

             "Alert me when the next step is done." Jaimson said.

             "Yes sir, Brinerson out."

 * * * * * *

             "I wish there was a possibility Jem could be right. I don't want Jerico to come." Mary said.

             "None of us do. Don't worry though, Mare. Even If Jerico does come, we've got a few surprises for them." Luke said taking her hand and giving a little squeeze.

             Mary looked up at him and smiled.

             "I just hope one of my younger siblings remembers to keep the secrets. Mandy has taken to disappearing whenever she feels like it."

             "I wonder if Jem found Jay and Mandy." Luke said.

* * * * * *

             Jeremy had found Jayson and Amanda. They were kneeling behind a couple of trees watching Luke and Mary.

             "What are you two up to?" Jeremy asked.

             "Why didn't they come with you?" Jayson asked.

             "Why should they? I just came to see where you went." Jeremy said.

             "You have to get their attention, Jem." Amanda said. "They have to get out of sight."

             "Why? Planning on a sudden storm." Jeremy asked.

             "No. They're here, Jem." Jayson said urgently.

             "Who?...You mean..."

             "JERICO! Those two men over there. They aren't from Chrystalina." Jayson said.

             "Are you sure?" Jeremy asked.

             "Positive. I can read their thoughts remember?" Jayson said.

             "Why did you read them? They look like they're from Chrystalina."

             "Never mind about that. You have to warn... Where'd they go?" Amanda said.

             Jeremy spun about. The picnic things were still there, but Mary and Luke were gone.

             "The men are gone too." Jayson said. He shut his eyes and as if concentrating. "And I can't seem to reach Mary and Luke." he added.

             "What about the two men?" Jeremy asked.

             Jayson closed his eyes again.

             "They seem pleased with themselves. As if they'd done something good." Jayson opened his eyes. "They've taken Luke and Mary prisoner."

             "We've got to warn Justin."

             "I could try to send him a message, but I haven't quite perfected my direction." Jayson said. "Anyone in the way could get the message."

             "I'd teleport, but I don't want to leave you two." Jeremy said. "I think our only hope is for Jay to send a message to him. Tell him where we are. He can transport you two himself."

             As Jayson had reported, the two men had taken Luke and Mary prisoner and brought them to an old abandoned hotel a piece out of town. The Governor of Jerico had ordered all children to be taken there for safekeeping till the adults were dealt with. So seeing the two children out in the open, the two men saw fit to drug them to avoid struggles and take them away.

             When Luke and Mary awoke they found themselves surrounded by darkness.

             "Oh, my head." Luke groaned as he tried to sit up. "Mare? Mare, are you here?"

             "Yes, I'm right beside you." Mary said softly. "No need to shout."

             "Where are we?" Luke asked.

             "I don't know." Mary replied. "Last thing I remember we had gotten up to stretch our legs and..."

             "I know, everything blanks out from there on for me too." Luke said.

             "I can't see a thing. Can you?" Mary asked.

             "No, but I think we're alone." Luke said. "I'm going to try and find the door. I think it's time we got out of here."

             They both got up and began to feel along the wall.

             "I think I found a light switch." Mary said finally. She flipped the switch and the room filled with light.

             As soon as their eyes got use to the light they looked around. The room was virtually empty. There was a table and a couple of chairs, a small closet at one end and the door at the other. The windows had been boarded shut.

             Luke went and tried the door.

             "It's locked." he reported. "I guess Jerico did come after all."

             "Fine heroes we'll be." Mary said gloomily. "We're supposed to help our planet and instead we get captured."

             "And the worst part is we can't teleport without making anyone suspicious."

             At that moment the door opened. A young girl came in with two plates of food and drinks.

             "Anyone hungry?" she asked cheerfully.

             "Who are you?" Mary demanded. "Why have we been brought here?"

             "Relax, you are safe." the girl replied.

             "I'm not interested in safe." Mary replied. "I want to know what's going on."

             "The food is great." the girl continued.

             "That doesn't answer the question." Luke said.

             The girl sighed.

             "The Governor of Jerico wants the children to be safe in case your elders resist. We have come with an offer they won't likely refuse." she explained. "No harm will come to you, I promise."

             "I'd say it's a bit late for that." Luke said.

             The girl sighed again.

             "Eat something. Trust me, it's good food." she said. "I'll be back later."

             Then she turned and left, locking the door behind her.

             "We've got to get out and warn the others." Mary said.

             "How? The door's locked and we can't use our powers." Luke said.

             "I know. I didn't say I knew how." Mary said.

             "Wait a minute! Maybe we can use our powers." Luke said thoughtfully.

             "We can't. They'll get suspicious." Mary said.

             "Not if they think one of us is already gone." Luke said smiling.

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