Welcome To The Amulet Universe

Embrace The Power Within

Volume 4

The Final Scene

* * * * * *

"ALERT! ALERT!" Chrystal said suddenly. "Scanners are picking up an incoming ship."

"It's the Shard," Andriana said as the ship appeared on the view screen.

"Life signs?" Justin asked.

"One," Chrystal replied, "very faint."

"Who's flying the ship then?" Jayson asked.

"The ship is on a pre-set course," Chrystal replied.

"It's flying itself," Emily said.

"And it'll crash if someone doesn't take control soon," Andrew said.

"What are you going to do?" Jessica asked as Andrew turned to leave.

"I've got to get on that ship," Andrew said

"You can't teleport that far," Amanda said.

"I can't let it crash," Andrew said.

"We'll use the Rose," Andriana said. "You can teleport from one ship to the other."

* * * * * *

Aboard the Crystal Shard, Andrew found Mary lying on the floor of the cockpit, unconscious. Quickly he checked her vital signs; then turned to the ship controls.

"Shard to Rose."

"Rose here. Everything okay, Andy?" Andriana asked.

"Okay is a relative term," Andrew said. "I've taken control of the ship, but Mary needs a doctor."

"I'll call the hospital and tell them you're coming," Andriana said.

"Thanks, An. Shard out."

* * * * * *