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The Planet Quadris

 New Home World of the Imperial Rebellion on the far side of Jerico

 Population habitat mainly underground or camouflaged by mountains

 Settled By Brian Jaimson

 Ruled by High Commander Jerold Jaimson

The Planet Wysteria

 Quiet, Peaceful and Remote Planet.

 Monarchy Style Government.

 Governed by Queen Veronica† and her Royal Court

 Population is small, self-sufficient and reclusive.

 Similar to Chrystalina in itís love of simplicity and natural ways.

The Planet Jerico

 The Empire.

 Imperial government structure.

 Governed by: Emperor Andrew Mackensie and Empress Andriana Mackensie

 Highly technological.

 Once power hungry now in alliance with and very protective of the planet Chrystalina.

The Planet Chrystalina

 Quiet, Peaceful Planet.

 Parliamentary style government.

 Current Leader: Prime Minister Justin Bradford

 Population is self-sufficient, relying on little or no technology to live by.

 Highest desire to maintain the peaceful traditions and way of life.