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Embrace The Power Within

Volume 3

Hope And Victory

†††††††††† ...It was very late when Andrew finally returned to the Royal apartments. His parents, James and Christina were sitting up with the others. Christina rose tearfully and embraced her son.

"The search is still going," he said, "but thereís no sign of her ship. Then someone," he glanced at Mary, "sent me a nagging thought message and I decided to take a break."

"Youíll do your sister no good if you fly yours ship into another Majesty," Mary said. "You ignored my gentle suggestions to take a break."

"For a reason," Andrew replied.

"I know," Mary replied, "But I didnít earn the title as Master healer by taking someoneís word for it that he was fine."

"Being a difficult patient herself, Mare is an expert on ignoring pain or fatigue at all costs," Jeremy added.

"Well, Iím glad Mary did convince you to come down," Christina said "Iíve been worried sick having both my children up there, one missing and the other unresponsive."

"Donít argue it Andrew," Luke said "Itíll just get you frustrated at either of them."

"True enough," James said, "sit down son and let your loyal subjects prove their worth."

Andrew dropped down on the other side of Mary.

"Have you eaten?" Christina asked.

Andrew laughed and shook his head, but the lightened mood suddenly changed as baby Victory, who had been peaceful for several hours, woke and began to shriek.

* * * * * *

"WARNING! Navigational failure," the computer said suddenly after several hours of non-productive attempts at changing the ship's course. "Prepare for emergency landing."

"Computer where are we?" Andriana asked holding Hope tightly as the ship began to descend on an unknown planet.

"Reference is not within computer memory," the computer said. "Warning, automatic controls failing. Manual emergency landing is required."

"Whoever did this is going to be in BIG trouble when I get home," Andriana muttered as she strapped baby Hope into the co-pilot's seat and took the controls. "Hang on Hope it gets bumpy from here..."