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The following links lead to more details about the published and soon to be published books, with purchasing information as well as sample chapters. Note: Books 1, 2 and 3 are being republished with new covers and will be available in the near future. Enjoy.

Book one introduces you to the planets Chrystalina and Jerico and their young heroes. Follow them as they struggle to protect Chrystalina from the invading Jerico command while they learn about the mysteries and benefits of the Powers of the Amulet.

Text Box: Volume 1—Fight For Chrystalina

Once upon a time Jerico was an Empire with ambitions to conquer planets weaker than it. Now the young twin ruler must turn to the young protectors of the seemingly weaker planet Chrystalina for help. Enjoy the adventure as The children of the Amulet unite to fight against those who would take the throne of Jerico and finish the quest for power Jerico’s previous ruler began.

Text Box: Volume 2—Battle Of The Empire

The rightful rulers of Chrystalina and Jerico are on the throne; new alliances are being discovered and a new generation has begun but the war between The Children of the Amulet and High Commander Jaimson continues. Will the High Commander win when two of the heros go missing? Or will the power of the Amulet carry over distance and through heartache to help the Children of the Amulet overcome any obstacles that comes between them?

Text Box: Volume 3—Hope And Victory
Text Box: FINALLY AVAILABLE in E-book Format Only!
The Leader of the Rebellion is in hiding and the Children Of The Amulet are taking a moment to relax. But only a moment, for High Commander Jaimson and his new second-in-command have a new target. What better way to hurt his old enemies than to target the newest generation? Who will succeed? The Rebellion or The Children of The Amulet? Read on and see what happens in the FINAL SCENE.
Text Box: Volume 4—The Final Scene
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